Wednesday, 30 August 2017

5 Creative T-Shirt Designs

5 Awesome Creative T-Shirt Designs

Chalkboard T-Shirt

Design your own T-Shirt with these machine washable chalkboards. Draw whatever you want and it can be as temporary as you want. Nothing cool than your own imagination am I right?

Headphones T-Shirt

I dunno why but i love me some illusion T-Shirts and this one combined with my love f music. Walk around with the latest beats for a fraction of the cost. Side note does not actually play music.

Kawaii T-Shirt

More illusions and this one coming from Kawaii. Make people second look at your being picked up from the man in the sky.

Octopus T-Shirt

I liked the picture can;t say much more than that, oh also I love octopuses so I may be biased. 

Racetrack Dad T-Shirt

 Anything that combines creative thinking & helping me fall asleep whilst spending quality time with my kids is a major win in my book and would probably be my absolute favourite if it weren't for the chalkboard.

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