Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Is Work Wear Necessary in the Work Place

Work wear provides a lot more than company clothes to wear. They provide safety in certain work places, they can help with health regulations in certain industries, they can provide a sense of community in an isolated workforce. All these help the company run more efficiently & effectively with absolute minimum micro management. which most certainly makes work wear absolutely necessary in the work place.

If you are thinging of having work wear printed local retailers are not far away and the monetary loss is more than made up for in the long run.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tasteful Work Wear

Tasteful Work Wear

Work uniforms are the clothes that bind your company together. They add a look of professionalism; lend credibility to your company as well as building a community among your employees. There is a reason work wear has existed for so long and that is because it does a whole lot more than provide clothing for your employees, it is because it is an essential company asset.

Things to look for in a work uniform

A logo is one of the most important things to include on your work uniform and these can be printed onto T-Shirts, jackets, coats & even jeans at minimal cost. This is the most important part of your work uniform as it is the overhanging symbol that brings everything within your company under one banner.

The next most important thing to consider is what your work uniform should entail. Will your employees be outside a lot in the cold? If so you may want to invest in work jackets as any t-shirts will simply be covered up during this period. Maybe you work indoors in a hot country? In which case consider cotton T-shirts that your employees will be more than happy to wear.

Colour scheme is also important. Not only do you want to convey a pleasant image of your company, you do not want your employees complaining about the uniform and for it to become a part of their job they really do not like. Try and get some feedback about what kind of uniform they would like to see and they would be happy to wear. Happy employees convey a happy image which in itself is good marketing.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Online T Shirt Preview Software

Designing Your Own T-Shirt from Home

Designing your own T-shirt from home has never been easier. Online websites have developed software that actually allows you to get designing instantly. Start putting those ideas in your head down on paper (metaphorically speaking!)

Online Websites





Purchasing Designs

One problem with these websites is the markup they require on their t-shirts which is a lot higher than smaller independent t shirt printers. Always shop around to get the best price when you find your perfect t-shirt.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Some Stag Do T-Shirt Ideas

There are a million different t-shirt designs that can be selected for the big stag do but only ever a few that will suit your stag do. Some people might like trying their hand at free booze, others might like getting dressed up as storm troopers & some might prefer something a little more laddish. Whatever your taste here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling for your stag do t-shirt design.

Buy Me a Beer, My Wedding is Near

Night out with the lads, getting married & a chance for free beer with a funny rhyming t-shirt. Could definitely think of a whole lot of worse ways to spend a night!

Keep Calm It's Your Stag Do

Tried & tested keep calm t-shirt though I doubt you'll be keeping too calm especially if your friends have their way.

Location & Chill

An old play on netflix & chill perfect for any stag do in an exotic country. Definitely would include stag party at the bottom so everyone knows your out on the lash.

Stag Wars

This may have made the list because I am a major fan but I'm sure a lot of other people are too. Would make a star wars geek, like myself, stag do a special night I'm sure.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

5 Creative T-Shirt Designs

5 Awesome Creative T-Shirt Designs

Chalkboard T-Shirt

Design your own T-Shirt with these machine washable chalkboards. Draw whatever you want and it can be as temporary as you want. Nothing cool than your own imagination am I right?

Headphones T-Shirt

I dunno why but i love me some illusion T-Shirts and this one combined with my love f music. Walk around with the latest beats for a fraction of the cost. Side note does not actually play music.

Kawaii T-Shirt

More illusions and this one coming from Kawaii. Make people second look at your being picked up from the man in the sky.

Octopus T-Shirt

I liked the picture can;t say much more than that, oh also I love octopuses so I may be biased. 

Racetrack Dad T-Shirt

 Anything that combines creative thinking & helping me fall asleep whilst spending quality time with my kids is a major win in my book and would probably be my absolute favourite if it weren't for the chalkboard.

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