Friday, 14 November 2014

5 Top Tips for Designing a Roller Banner

Designing a roller banner to maximise its usefulness can be a difficult task and one that can always be done better. So whether your a seasoned professional or beginner newbie here are 5 top tips to designing a roller banner.


Your logo is a visual representation of your company and should be proudly displayed in a prominent position on your roller banner. When you think of a shop front, where do they have their logo? That's right, at the top. Having your logo at the top draws attention to your business, makes your business more memorable and grabs your audiences attention.


Regardless of your company, a lot of thought needs to be put into the colour scheme of your roller banner. Contrasting colours grab consumers attention and make your exhibition stand stand out from the rest. Your colour scheme may also needs to fit your logo which can affect the colours you can use. The best idea is to have a few different colour schemes and decide which one 

a) helps you stand out from the crowd
b) represents your company best

Quality Images

High quality images are a must. An absolute must. If any photos are of low quality and then blown up to be bigger. Well, the low quality because very noticeable and the one thing you don't want your roller banner to say is "low quality"

Top to Bottom and Left to Right

This is how people read. You must remember this when designing your roller banner. You want to take your readers on a chronological journey in order to maximise the potential from your roller banner. Take a look at your finished design and read it top to bottom and left to right just to check you have the perfect order with your information.

Contact Details

Consumers may not approach your stand. Consumers may not need your services there and then. But consumers sure can remember phone numbers, web URLs and email addresses. Get your contact details on there! You could be missing out on a lot of business if your contact details are absent from your roller banner and that is an ineffective roller banner!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Choosing the Right Tablecloth Size

Choosing a Tablecloth Size V 1.0

Some people on this earth are blessed with the gift of preparation. This innate ability to have everything they need at hand when they need it. And when they go shopping for a tablecloth, for rent or to buy, they know exactly what they need to know. For the rest of us mere mortals it can be a little more. Did you measure your table? Do you know what type of shape it is? These are all things you should know that maybe you didn't exactly think you should you know. But don't fret here are 5 simple tips to get you your perfect tablecloth size.
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Knowing your Table Shape

Their are 4 basic table shapes:
  • Oblong
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
If you are unsure of exactly which type of table shape that you own you can find out more information here!

Measure your Table!

When measuring your table remember to measure end to end and double check every single measurement (bit of a tongue twister!) One wrong measurement can lead to a tablecloth that just doesn't quite fit right and this can be demoralising after investing all that money.

Centimetres and Inches!

Although I'm sure all you mathematicians out there can just work this out in your head in a jiffy, it is best to take down the measurement in inches and centimetres to insure there are no complications when purchasing your tablecloth.It takes 2 seconds and could save you a big headache!

Add on the Table Skirting

Table skirting is the part of the tablecloth that falls down from the table. Industry standard is around 8 - 10 inches but this is entirely up to you and shorter or longer table skirts can add a little something extra to the room.

Invest in a Vinyl Plastic Tablecloth

If your going all out on a tablecloth please, please, please invest in a vinyl tablecloth. Learn from my mistake. Its does not cost much at all to purchase a vinyl plastic tablecloth and it can save you a lot of money. Definitely worth the couple of pound.